Cash Flow Control Coach


Merely changing the way you pay your personal or business expenses WILL increase your cash flow.

Even with no increase or change in your personal or business income!

Now you will be able to:

  • Gain control of your finances – When you track money, you can control it
  • Automatically organize all your bills and loans to pay them more efficiently-creating MORE cash flow
  • Automatically Pay bills – put that function on remote control and receive notices to be able to monitor all that activity
  • Control your business overhead costs
  • Expansion – Be able to forecast the impact of capital expenditures before you commit to them
  • Automatically Develop an Emergency Fund
  • Mobile Phone Access to all of your accounts 24 – 7
  • Eliminate debt faster than anticipated with your current amortization schedule
  • Build more equity and become more bankable
  • Develop capital to minimize reliance on banks and be able to create your own borrowing resource to cover cash flow dips
  • Position your company for additional tax benefits
  • Develop your own buyout plan for closely held companies
  • Automatically produce reports for end of year accounting
  • Analyze retirement options and plans to maximize growth and to minimize the impact of taxes

Who can benefit from this Cash Flow Control Coaching program?

  • Start Ups
  • Existing Businesses
  • Business Owners


Let’s see what this program did for some actual people, Andrea and Tim. First, you will want to hear the two interviews I did with Andrea. The first interview is after a few months only and the second interview is after she had the system for a couple years. Note the transformation!

Andrea Interview Part 1

Andrea Interview Part 2

Now consider the actual Analysis form that was used to map out their outcome. You will see what they owed at the inception of the program was $193,766 on eight different bills. You will see on page two that they were on track to pay everything off in 25 years going along as they had been. However, now they will pay everything off in only 53 months! Therefore the amount they were going to pay in interest went from $110,032 to $23,155. A savings of $86,876!

Think about your investments now. What kind of Return on Investment are you getting on them? Can you see that paying attention to your cash flow and debt servicing are more important? You get a far better Return on Investment here!!

Lastly, look at the opportunity the interest saving presents by looking at the bottom left of page three of the analysis report. In the box titled “Potential Cash Accumulation”, you will see that a paltry 1% return would yield $911,992 in the same 25 year period they were just trying to become debt free!

Let us create a complimentary Cash Flow analysis report of your world to see what can happen for you. (WHAT should go here? Link? Directions to complete widget box?) Interview links not working. Debt analysis example is working.

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One Response to “Cash Flow Control Coach”

  1. Life has never been the same since I had to file for bankruptcy in 2008 I have been forced to abandon the life of “no regret” by charging everything I want on my high limit credit card. It took a lot to get used to the idea that I no longer have a credit card, and all my expenses are paid for via cash, but I know in the long run, this is going to be better for me. It took me over 6 months to get used to living my life with cash, because I had to budget every single expenses ahead of time. If you don’t have the spare cash after paying off the essentials in life to buy that ereader you have been eyeing, that’s the reality of life. It has thought me of the importance of budgeting. I would not want to put myself in so much debt again.