Today, Personal finance is a tricky business

personal finance is trickier now than in the 2oth century
People are so busy and so specialized today that they are forced to rely on others for their financial guidance. Unfortunately, most of these experts don’t really understand how money works in today’s economy.

You are supposed to “live within your means” in business and your personal life which is very difficult if you don’t really understand what your “means” are.

You work hard trying to get ahead. Don’t gamble it away

As the person or business that does all the work and takes all the risks, it’s bothersome to delegate your financial strategy to others. Virtually all of these “strategists” are reactive and not proactive in their approach. Often their actions on your behalf are mere opinion and speculation. Vegas sounds more entertaining while operating on the same principles! How will someone else gambling for you allow you to become self-sufficient?

Financial independence starts with education and partnership

Advanced Consulting Group understands that education is the key.  ACG will help clarify your economic situation then develop a strategy to eliminate all your debt quickly – with virtually no change in your personal or business lifestyle. The key to building financial success begins with eliminating your debt.
We will teach you how to properly create and manage a budget. How to leverage and optimize your existing cashflow. It will feel like you just released the parking brake on your car after driving with it on all the time.
Stop building long range plans around things that are subject to change
To build a stable and reliable financial strategy, ACG employs a system of:
• Financial Structure Analysis
• Cashflow Optimization
• Capital Fund Development
We focus on sustainable wealth development to carry you throughout good times and bad times. With “safe and guaranteed” as a motto for these turbulent times.

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